(angry) >:O >:-O


(ba) (mrt)

(batman) (randomtime)







(cool) B) B-)



(fingers crossed) (yn)

(frustrated) >:-/ >:/

(ghost) (swayze)



(*) (star)

(heart) (h) <3











(no) (n)


(pacmen) (pacman) (redghost)


(pirate) (arr)








(heidy) (squirrel)



(yes) (y)

(jigglypuff) (puff)

o/ (wave) (hi)

\o (wave2)

(hammer) (ban)

(horns) \m/ (dio)






(rbua) (unicorn)


(chuckle) (giggle)

(mudkip) (ohai)








(shark) (^^^)



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